Saturday, 25 June 2011

Where did today go?

Well the lottie has played second-fiddle to other things today. The dog was dominating things first thing. He was in full-on terrior mode. All guns blazing and not one of them pointing in the right direction. Our early morning walk started like real quality time but rapidly descended into chaos when he picked up the scent of first a rabbit, second some poor feckless cat which got more than a run for its money, and finally the delights of a ditch. Left me standing like a chump in the middle of a field with a pocket full of dog biscuits he couldn't have been less interested in.
Although it is Saturday and the weeds are crying out for attention the only time I have managed to spend at the plot was a few minutes picking broad beans for supper. They came to table in a salad with beetroot, onion and mint in a garlicky dressing (still have 62 bulbs to go...). All home grown and so pretty on the plate. Really good.

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