Thursday, 23 June 2011

This is the Good Life. At least it was on Monday

What a lovely day I had on Monday. The rest of the week, unfortunatly, has to be spent at work. But between dropping my two daughters off at school on Monday and picking them up again at the end of the day, I had a good 7 hours to myself. I walked the dog, baked some bread, and had a few hours at the allotment. The 60-something bulbs of garlic (Cristo - planted in the Autumn) previously mentionned was ready to lift so out they came and boy had they enjoyed the harsh winter! I was delighted to see some enormous bulbs and only a very small number of failures.

This week's menus, therefore, have been inspired by the garlic. Homemade hummous was particularly good - leftovers tonight. Roll on the weekend when I have time to do some proper garlic bread. Most stuff you buy always seems heavy on the garlic salt. (Will I get sued for that...?) It leaves a nasty aftertaste and a raging thirst. The real thing made with newly-lifted garlic is fabulous. Buschetta on the barbie rubbed with a freshly-cut clove is pretty good too.

After the garlic came out, the spinach went in. (My approach to rotation gardening is a bit basic but I do always ensure I don't plant the same thing in the same patch straight away). I have a glut of perpetual spinach plants raised from seed. I am keeping some in a pot in the garden to use as baby leaves in salad, which seems to be working well so far. I have also given quite a bit away in that lovely share-and-share-alike gardeners' bounty. And the rest got planted and well-watered, both by myself and the ensuing downpour which we had later in the week.

Water and watering, meanwhile, is a whole other subject. What to do when there is no water supply at the lottie? More to follow

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