Monday, 27 June 2011

The Phantom Weeder

Now I know that many of you would love to have one of these but this is getting a bit odd. I have many weeds at my allotment and some of them are really rather pretty at the moment: a hangover from my first year when I scattered wild flower seeds over a section of the plot which I hadn't got around to clearing. They now pop up all over the place, of course.
Someone (and I have my suspicions who) is uprooting them and laying them out ever-so-carefully alongside my compost bin. Not chucking them in the bin or leaving them in a heap alongside, but arranging them in very neat, parallel lines right in front of the bin. And not in a helpful kind of way either. More in a: "Tut tut you really ought to do something about these weeds before they set seed."
Now I know that those little daisies aren't supposed to be there in the middle of a row of potatoes and I know they will set seed. But they really are very pretty. There are far worse weeds that that to deal with else where on the plot. Perhaps I should leave a sign out: "Fairies: please weed here and leave anything with flowers on..."?

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