Saturday, 25 June 2011

Blackcurrant Vodka and Sister Elizabeth

I planted two very small currant bushes in my garden at home this spring, as part of my dabbling with permaculture. The redcurrant has yielded nothing - I think the birds got there before me. But the blackcurrant produced a couple of handfuls of lovely juicy fruit. Not enough to make a pudding with but it was early evening as I picked them, the barbie was lit and thoughts were turning to pre-dinner drinks. So I indulged myself and made a blackcurrant syrup mixed with crushed ice and a shot or two of vodka. Or, at the risk of being sued again, a grown-up alcoholic Ribena. 

The rose in the background is Rosa Sister Elizabeth - a beautiful if floppy low-growing rose which is simply smothered in the most gorgeous pink blooms. Planted in memory of my own sister, Liz. I think she would have appreciated the alcoholic Ribena, too.

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