Monday, 2 July 2012

Still waiting for someone to "bring on summer"....

Monty Don pronounced at least two weeks ago that if garlic was showing signs of rust it was time to harvest it. I already knew mine was pretty much ready, but Monty's word was, as ever, my command. Trouble is, every chance I had to go to the lottie coincided with it pouring with rain. That's great for the spring sowings but hopeless for onions and garlic which need to be stored.
Today's visit followed that depressingly familiar pattern but I was passed the point of no return by the time it started raining. And here are a few of the Early Purple Wight Garlic which, along with Albigensian Wight and Picardy are now filling four shelves in my garage, waiting till they are ready to plait.
Yes, they are muddy. Yes, they came in wet. And yes, I will have to keep my fingers crossed they dry out and don't rot. But in the back of my car and in the garage too, it now smells like summer no matter what the weather throws at us.
Now what shall I cook to go with the odd bulb of garlic tonight...?

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