Saturday, 14 July 2012

I appear to have a new dog

Today I finally washed the dog. And properly. Two shampoos. No mercy shown to eyes, nose or mouth (although I was very gentle and careful). And no squeamishness - even the cling-ons and Intimate Areas got a jolly good scrub.
I was stung into action by a fellow dog-walker who greeted us saying "Blimey Caspar, that's the dirtiest I've ever seen you". Needless to say, her dog is black...
Now, however, he looks fabulous: the whitest, softest and fluffiest he has ever been. And totally pissed off - hence refusing to stand still for a photo. I want to show him to everyone who has shared my despair at his love of filth, mud and fox poo.
For now at least he is even banned from the garden.

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  1. Bloody owner, more like. Wood.


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