Sunday, 8 July 2012

Productive at last

Youngest daughter helped me harvest the rest of the Rocket potatoes plus the Arran Pilot today. She immediately claimed them as hers and told everyone she grew them.
The soil they came out of is absolutely beautiful. No waterlogging at all and a fabulous texture. It is so much better than the soil at home - there's really no comparison. It reminded me why it is worth keeping the lottie even in tough spells like the past two months.
Later on I replanted with a row of kohl rabi seed and a row of French Beans. Naturally we had to eat Madam's potatoes for lunch along with pork, lots of roast garlic, and a fabulous salad of beetroot, spring onion, orange and baby broad beans.
Sugar snap peas made a gorgeous appetiser dipped in roast garlic mayo. Nearly everything homegrown.
Despite the rain the garden and lottie are productive at last.

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