Monday, 3 October 2011

Unseasonal madness

What madness was it that found me and my two daughters in the shoe department of a large local store yesterday morning, buying winter boots?

As all parents know, a promise is a promise. And this one was made last week when it seemed that Autumn had well and truly arrived. Clad in shorts and vests because of the crazy temperatures outside,  the girls paraded up and down trying on a succession of knee-high, fur lined, leather winter boots. Sadly there are no photos so you will just have to trust me readers: they looked like a pair of mini-rock chicks off to Glastonbury.
Despite the sweltering temperatures this week I have been unable to ignore the fact that my garden is looking a bit sorry for itself. As the flowers of summer faded there were some distinct gaps, with only Rosa Sister Elizabeth and some verbena providing any colour.

As beautiful as they are, it wasn't quite enough.
So I took myself off to the garden centre as well as the shoe department, for a seasonal fix. There wasn't a huge choice but I found a few things I am missing from previous gardens.
I spent the afternoon planting Sedum "Autumn Joy", 3 Japanese Anemones "September Charm", and Crocosmia "Babylon" and "Lucifer".
These are planted and things are looking better already. As for the children's boots, I think they will be staying in their boxes until the temperature returns to something more like normal.

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