Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Black gold

Things are slowing down at the lottie and there is less to do. It is time to reap the rewards from a year of composting.
On a recent visit the wind was cold and biting, so it wasn't much fun. I was there to turn and hopefully empty the compost from our two bins: one black, plastic, tardis-shaped bin, and one open wooden bin. Nearly all of the contents of the plastic bin was ready, and there was a good 12 inches or so of good compost at the bottom of the open wooden bin too. Digging that lot out and distributing it around the plot felt like a pretty good workout!
We stopped composting in the garden a few years ago as we had a bit of a rat problem, but it is a palaver hauling everying down to the lottie. We could also do with some compost to improve the soil in our garden. I am hoping to try out a tumbling composter at home in the hope that a sealed unit won't attract vermin. I like the idea of wormeries but haven't had one before since I gather that they don't work during the winter. Maybe now I have the greenhouse I could move a wormery in there during the colder months?
Intriguingly, I have also just been reading about a snailery which works along similar principles to a wormery and gets the little blighters working for you rather than against you. Now that would be an alternative to my inescapable chamber of death (the subject of a previous post)! I will have to investigate.

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