Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Lincolnshire garlic harvest is approaching

It's my day off but it's too cold, wet and windy to go to the lottie today. I need to finish weeding the raspberries. The original canes have been in for about 4 years now and are pretty choked with weeds. More weed than canes in places, if truth be told. I started the job on Monday but didn't have time to finish. Ah well, I'm sure the weeds will wait until I next get there...
At least I managed to keep the garlic weed-free this year. I am growing Albigensian Wight, Early Purple and Picardy: all autumn planted and they are doing really well so far. With luck the plot is sufficiently well drained to ensure that the immense amount of rain we had during April doesn't rot them. That would be a real pain at this late stage in their growing season.
I planted too close together last year and it was almost impossible to weed between the bulbs once they reached a certain size. So this year, predictably, I went to the opposite extreme. You could probably march an army down the rows this year. But don't they look great?

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