Monday, 9 April 2012

So that's what they mean...

I have read and noted what the gardening books say about putting support in place for flowers and shrubs to grow through, rather than trying to prop them up after they have flopped over.
I have also thought what a good idea it is to use your own autumn and early spring prunings to provide such support, rather than buy over-priced green plastic stuff which will never really blend in. It is local, sustainable and saves working out what else to do with such garden "waste".
But whenever I have attempted to put such good ideas into practice my own efforts have never really worked out.
Now, however, I have seen the light. Or rather, I have seen the exemplar display in the cutting garden at Belton House. Everything about the size and range of these supports shows me where I have been going wrong. No mere pea sticks, these: they are great sections of branches, positioned and overlayed for the flowers and shrubs to grow through.
Thank you Belton House for providing inspiration once again.

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