Sunday, 1 April 2012

Make every day like this one. Please...?

What a lovely day. I've had a lie in (since Sunday is my turn), brunch, and then we all took the dog for a walk. Unfortunately our planned route along the River Witham didn't work out thanks to some unhelpful local farmers. But when we turned our backs on the "Footpath Closed" sign we did get this lovely view.
I thought I would post this photo as it is a bit more interesting than a row of potatoes which have only just been planted...for that is how I spent an hour or so this afternoon. The rest of the tates (Pink Fir and Rooster) are all planted. I also prepared some space for onions to go in any day now, and am now back in the sun at home with a glass of chilled white wine. Him Indoors has some lamb on the barbie which smells fabulous and will be great with couscous and spinach just picked from the lottie. I'm physically tired from planting and hoeing, and my manicure is history. But life feels pretty good right now.

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