Thursday, 3 November 2011

More daylight hours urgently required

My time at the allotment is squeezed into whatever is left after the demands of everything else have been met: children, work, walking the dog, social life (if I had one…).  As the evenings get shorter, daylight hours at the weekend become ever more precious. Last Sunday we all went for a lovely walk to enjoy the autumn colour. Unusually, it was a great success. The dog behaved, the kids didn't whine and responded well to bribes of Halloween Horrors gingerbread biscuits (thank you Sainsbury's!) and the weather was kind to us.

As enjoyable as this was, by the time we had completed the walk, eaten lunch, and sorted out whatever else was on the family "must do" list it was already too dark to think about either the garden or the lottie.

I am extra-conscious of time passing at this time of year. All too quickly the opportunity to do things has passed. I never did to sow or buy any spring cabbages, for example, and now I suspect it really is too late (although I would be pleased to hear from anyone who thinks I may still be in with a chance and knows of somewhere that still has plants available).

Other jobs on the seasonal gardening list include:
     Clean the greenhouse
     Check what seeds I have (and are still in date) to make sure I don't buy any I don't need
     Empty remaining pots
     Plant daffs (oh dear – probably should have done that by now…)
     A good tidy up in the front garden – the last of the purple cabbages are looking distinctly tired now, and the courgette plant should have found its way to the compost heap weeks ago.
     Sow broad beans – or maybe I will leave that till after the worst of the weather this year?
     Transplant new growth to create a second row of raspberry canes.

That lot will easily fill whatever spare time I have until at least the end of November, I should think. How on earth some people manage to be talking about Christmas preparations already is beyond me!


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