Sunday, 13 November 2011

For Daffo-Dylan

Today the girls and I planted daffodils together in the garden.

Our lovely first dog Dylan died last spring when the daffs were in full bloom. Through our sadness we talked lots about all our happy memories of him, and how we wanted to remember him. The girls decided that they wanted to remember him by planting daffodils. They talked about it so much they even started referring to him as Daffo-Dylan.

There had been a number of Welsh connections during his life, so this suggestion seemed fitting. Amongst those connections was a dashing Welsh flag neckerchief that he used to wear when he came with us to the pub, although here he is modelling it on the beach. A Welsh beach, naturally.

If the bulbs survive the attentions of our current dog (whose appetite for things in the garden knows no bounds) then we will have lots of daffs to remind us of Dylan next spring.

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