Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Almost planting time

I know it is not Spring yet but it is starting to feel like planting time. I have enough common sense to know that temperatures are still too low for outside planting, but the greenhouse is calling...! I had reasonable success growing carrots in containers last year, as you can see, so my thoughts have turned to what else might be worth a try.

I had intended to plant a few of my potato surplus from last year in an old compost bag inside the greenhouse, in the hope of an early crop. They were just desperate to grow. Even in the gloom of our garage the remaining tates had produced masses of shoots, so I had put half a dozen into the greenhouse to chit in the light. After last weekend's incredibly low temperatures, however, the shoots were black and the tubers had softened and were oozing slightly. Not nice at all. So those have gone in the compost bin.

But never fear...my seed potatoes arrived yesterday: 10 tubers each of 6 varieties. So instead of last year's rotting surplus I have planted 3 nice shiny new Rocket seed potatoes, described by the producer as "Easy to grow and quick to produce 'baby new potatoes'... particularly well suited to growing in containers and potato bags". Sounds ideal doesn't it? And much more likely to succeed.

Reading other people's advice online it is clear that I will need to remember to water them lots and give them a regular feed. Last year's remaining tomato feed should do the trick, me thinks...and the remaining 57 tubers of varying types will be planted on the lottie when things warm up a bit.

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