Saturday, 2 July 2011

A day to myself

What a treat - a whole Saturday to myself. This is so rare that it feels like a truly guilty pleasure and only achieved because the rest of the family has gone to the RAF Waddington Air Show. Not really my scene and in any case, today was the big day: the arrival of my beautiful new greenhouse. And here it is:
I am delighted with it and riddiculously excited. My chilli plants have moved in already from the study, along with some of my tomato plants and two pumpkins which have yet to be planted at the plot. And yes, that is hubby's barbeque that you can see nestled alongside so there was room after all. Phew.

So I will make the most of this most precious commodity: free time. I will go for a bike ride all on my own and go whatever speed I want. I will find the time to write my blog and even add photos (see...). And I will lavish attention on my lovely family when they return. I will have the paddling pool filled and ready for hot, tired children and a glass of something refreshing for hot, tired husband. They will eat freshly harvested home grown summer goodies lovingly prepared by yours truly.
And in the meantime I shall enjoy a very Lincolnshire sky: lots of it and full of all sorts of aircraft waiting to do their displays at the show.

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Lincolnshire Sky

Lincolnshire Sky